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Back in September 2012, I received an email from Catherine asking if she could visit our museum during her trip to Buffalo, NY. Catherine told me that she is a psychic, clairvoyant, medium; I thought it would be interesting to have her there being that our museum is haunted. I asked one of our guides to come there for Catherine’s’ evening tour, but decided that I wanted to also be there to hear what Catherine could pick up and tell us about our wonderful building. I was totally amazed at her ability, although my thoughts were on the building; Catherine’s thoughts were on me. As we toured the building she was able to tell me about 3 men, in my life, that had passed on and give me a message from each one of them. I rarely, if ever, talk about these men, so for her to pick up on them and to pass along things that nobody would ever know floored me. It was an amazing night!
Catherine has since been back to the museum to do a gallery reading along with working with our in house paranormal team, this event was a huge success for all of us. We are looking forward to a continuing relationship with her and look forward to her returning to Buffalo soon.

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Linda J. Hastreiter
Co-Owner Iron Island Museum
Buffalo, New York

Buffalo Paranormal Investigators

Gina, Patrick, Mike, Tom and Paul of BPI

In September 2012, Catherine visited the Iron Island Museum, an extremely haunted museum, in Buffalo, NY, of which my paranormal group, Buffalo Paranormal Investigators (BPI) regularly hosts events and privately investigates on a weekly basis. I was asked by the owner of the museum to be a tour guide for Catherine’s visit and was there for the entire visit on the night that she came. I was delighted to see Catherine’s natural born ability as a psychic, clairvoyant, medium validate first hand much of the information that my paranormal group Buffalo Paranormal Investigators (BPI) had obtained through the scientific method of investigating the building on a weekly basis. Information that could not be obtained publicly, through the internet or social media!
I was so impressed with her psychic ability that I asked her to do a private reading for me the night after she had visited Iron Island Museum. She touched upon many facets of my life that I only discuss with close family members. She offered insight and advice to me that was very helpful. My reading was an amazing and very touching experience.
Catherine visited the Iron Island Museum again in November 2012 to co-host a paranormal event with Buffalo Paranormal Investigators (BPI). Our guests participated in a gallery reading which Catherine led as well as an investigation afterwards which she helped with. This event was a huge success that left even our most skeptical of guests believers in her psychic ability. Buffalo Paranormal Investigators (BPI) looks forward to working with her again soon.

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Gina Keller
Buffalo Paranormal Investigators (BPI)
Lead Investigator/Assistant Case Manager
Buffalo, New York


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