Here is a lady in the cup with arms stretched wide, lady is in 12 o'clock position
a lady in the cup with an image of a small child imprinted in here--she is surrounded by two images ---to the left there is a dolphin and to the right there is a person with arms crossed

This is a clear example of time frames in a cup - there is a figure standing to the right in the cup, this image was very important for the person receiving the reading, it had to do with their inability to speak about something
To the left there is a Dragon - this was symbolic for the person I was reading for since it was a clear reminder of their childhood and good memories

Image 1- To the far left there is a small image of person having a victory - their hands are literally up in celebration, the image in the middle was a reflection of the person I was reading, the figure has their head in the clouds over an issue, they choose not to deal with, as many other figures are standing around observing, this person is ignoring the issue
Image 2 - (Close up of Image 1)

Leprechaun as seen recently in a coffee reading I did for a client in London, the leprechaun represented many new changes in the person's ability to see their own talent and how lucky they truly are about a particular gift, the image "faces the future and it is sitting" which reflects the changes are just about to happen. Within two weeks time-- the cup reading reflected the person's recent evalautation, where they received very high praise from supervisors in their work environment.
To the left and to the right it shows a double image of the same sacrifice that someone is going through, the first one is appearing different than the second, the second shows the upset of feelings throughout the sacrifice and illustrates the stress and emotions associated with it, by the color and depiction of the coffee.

The bird to the right of the cup represents a work opportunity, the bird is facing backwards which means the future work reflects on efforts and achievements from previous or past work. The wing span is large and will be a great opportunity. To the left of the cup shows coffee grinds in a line which is significant of overseas travel or a long trip, this client had just returned from a long cruise which covered many countries.
At the 2 o clock position there is a group of people this indicated a significant family event that was upcoming




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